Plastisol inks

Are the most commonly used inks for vibrant colors and PMS color matching. We incorporate many different methods to keep the hand (feel) soft while keeping the colors true, to match to the PMS Coated color book. For example, by using a discharge base or soft hand additives, or even different color separation methods or halftone techniques will change the feel of the print. All of our inks are non-phalate and we offer PVC free inks as well.

Water based ink

By itself does not have a high opacity due to the thin viscosity of the ink. It’s truly a liquid form with low density making the colors very dull when printed directly on dark garments. They provide a very soft hand (feel), as soft as the shirt after one washing. In order to use this ink on dark shirts, you need to add a discharge agent to the ink. Water-based ink can be used to print on tri-blends or 50/50 blends, but the colors will be muted. The dye or pigment holds to the cotton fibers only. When you have other foreign materials in the fabric such as polyester, rayon, or modal, the reaction process is limited, causing the print to look faded or dull. So a 50/50 tee would only show roughly 50% opacity since the Polyester won’t hold water based screen printing ink.


The discharge agent creates a chemical reaction. Once heated to the proper temperature, it actually eliminates the dye from the fabric leaving a natural color. With discharge colors, it also integrates the new ink pigment allowing for allowing for nice bright coverage of the top colors. For best results and bright colors, 100% cotton is required. Pigmented Discharge ink can be used to print on tri-blends or 50/50 blends, but the colors will be muted. The discharge works on the cotton fibers only. One option to mitigate this problem is the process of
using a discharge base, which pulls the dye out creating a soft underlay, and then printing plastisol or fashion based ink on top. This will help reduce the hand or feel of the ink while still keeping the colors a little brighter than just discharge colors alone.

Speciality INKS


Large flakes of a single color densely suspended in a clear base, best used when overprinting on a base color.


These are large multicolored flakes sparsely suspended in a clear base that have the same application as glitter. Can overprint solid colors.


There are a few types of Metallic inks, some with a coarse metallic ake and some with a more liquid look. There are many metallic ink colors with the most common being Silver or Gold | Liquid Silver or Liquid Gold.


This ink gives a raised 3-D look with a much softer, marshmallow-like quality. Added to plastisol inks, but not for an exact color match. Tends to pucker on lighter weight garments. It can be used on it’s own or as an under base to provide texture to overprinted colors.


Also gives a raised look similar to puff ink but results in a raised, fuzzy texture more like suede leather. This ink is used to simulate for example, the look and feel of a leather sewn on patch. Added to plastisol inks, but dulls the color considerably.

Blister Base

 A soft raised look with an irregular bubbling effect that looks like blisters in appearance. Each print will turn out slightly different giving a cool individual look to the print.

High Density

Gives a raised 3-D look similar to a die-cut image. It has sharper, crisper edges. HD inks can be a closer match to PMS colors but not exact.

High Density Gel

A clear glossy look to the print with a tactile feel. Great for a high impact accent. Smaller areas work best, not recommended for large coverage areas. Can be tinted.

Meteor or Rock

This is a version of high density ink that results in a hard glossy irregular finish. This is sometimes referred to as Rock base ink and can be mixed into most PMS colors for a close match, but not exact.


This process adheres a foil material to the garment to give it a durable, shiny metallic look. Many colors, patterns and styles to choose from.

Oversized Printing

17.5″ x 21″ maximum print area.

Super Size Printing

19″ x 23″ Maximum print area.

4 Color Process Printing



Heat Transfer

Stahl’s Decorator Network Certified

With dimension, textures, emblems, special effects, or full color and printed options, Heat Transfer Technology
offers the widest selection of finishes for creative flexibility — there’s a heat transfer material that’s right for any item. Full Color Digitally printed Transfers, Cut Materials, Foils, Flock just to name a few options available. Sanmar/Northface Certified Decorator. Tee’s, Performance goods, Jackets, Hats.


Folding, Hang Tag, Poly Bagging, Label, Size Stickers


Packaging products into kits, Rolling, Banding, Sleeving, Bulk Poly Bagging, Drop Shipping.

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